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GFC Asia Ltd is an international trading company and distributor of a wide range of feed, food, pharma additives and fertilizers active in the worldwide market and was established in 2007.

The management of GFC Asia has over 30 years of experience in the field of feed, food and pharma additives.

Our director Frànk van Eeden has been living in China since 1997. Because of his experience in China and experience in setting up businesses from scratch, we are able to give our customers a high value service and expertise.
Frank visits the production-sites and meets the sales people and management of the factories on a regular basis. As we have been building on our network with these Chinese companies since 1997, we can pass on this service to our customers and give guarantees due to our long term relationships.

With offices in Hong Kong, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Egypt and long term relationships with western and Chinese suppliers GFC Asia is able to be a constant and reliable supplier to our customers around the world. By having warehouses in Europe and China, GFC Asia is flexible to export in LCL or FCL at customer’s request. Our primary goal is providing our customers with high quality, excellent service, up-to-date market information and with competitive prices.

On top of that we have strong relationships with suppliers, partners and co-traders in Europe, USA and other parts of Asia. This enables us to supply you with different kinds of western brands / manufactured products, like vitamins,L- Lysine, L-Threonine and DL-Methionine.

By the end of 2008, GFC Asia opened a new office in Colombia for expanding our business in Latin America.
With customers in more than 68 countries around the world, we supply to all kinds of companies; premixers, food-manufacturers, producers of veterinary medicines and trading companies. This is giving GFC Asia a leading role as a trader in these fields.

Since 2008, GFC Asia is a FamiQS-approved company; which means that we only buy quality products that are under strict quality control.
We frequently audit our suppliers and factories in order to maintain a strict control of the purchased products and production processes.

GFC Asia specializes in the following products:
• Amino Acids • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
• Feed & Food Additives • Vitamins
• Minerals • Miscellaneous
• Fertilizers  

We are always looking for new opportunities and are constantly extending our product portfolio.
GFC Asia is a regular exhibitor and or visitor at VIV, CPHI and other shows all around the world.

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Frank Frank van Eeden
Managing Director
Andres Andres Saldarriaga
Sales Manager South-America
Luuk Luuk van Kuijck
Sales Manager Asia,
Middle-East & Africa
Davy Hanna Hu
Financial & Office Manager
Amy Amy Wang
Purchasing & Logistics
Serena Gao
General Administration & Logistics
Helen Liu
General Administration & Logistics
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